Storm Drain & Catch Basin

Occasionally storm drains and catch basins get backed up and minor flooding occurs.

Meeks Plumbing, Inc. offers storm drain and catch basin cleaning services. We are able to provide services within multiple settings such as municipal, commercial, industrial, and malls. We use state of the art equipment and trained personnel to remove blockages and prevent the reoccurrence of such blockages with regular maintenance.

We use the professional grade Vac-Con industrial Jet Vac. This machine is able to produce 4,000 psi of jetting power to clear storm drains. During times of heavy rain, it is crucial that storm drains remain unclogged and free from debris. Many times property management is unaware of major blockages until substantial flooding occurs. So whether you would like an estimate on storm drain cleaning services or need specific questions answered, Meeks Plumbing is here to help.


Catch Basin Repair


Catch Basin Repair