Septic Cleaning

Septic cleanings are an essential part of owning a septic system.

It is estimated that every one to three years you should get your septic tank pumped or cleaned to make sure that the system doesn't fail. For the best septic cleaning call Meeks day or night. If you see any of the following signs please call us, as it could lead to a bigger problem if not taken care of:

- A bad Smell - Slow draining - Surface water over the septic tank - Green grass over the septic tank - Toilets are backed up

Septic failure would result from a septic tank that was not maintained properly, and can cost a lot in time and money. A whole new septic system would need to be installed, in a new area around the property. Avoid all of this by call us and having one of our expert plumbers deal with your septic system and drain field.